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Saurabh Parihar

CEO & Founder

Saurabh founded StaffChase in the year 2020 after a successful Working Experience in the Recruitment and Staffing Industry. He believes in “Making our own destiny by paying hard work and ... Read More

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Raj Yadav

COO & Co-Founder

Raj is the Co-Founder & COO of StaffChase, focuses on overseeing the company’s US operations and is responsible for managing service delivery. He specializes in building strong teams and optimizing ... Read More

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Mitesh Saha

Chief Revenue Officer & Board Member

Mitesh is the Chief Revenue Officer and Board Member at StaffChase. He leads the company’s revenue generation processes, strategizing innovative ways to boost profitability. Mitesh excels in formulating effective sales ... Read More


Mike Delucia

On shore Advisor
Mike Delucia is the owner/operator of PF1 Professional Services which was founded in 1991.  PF1 ...

Naveen Kuril

AVP - Operations
Naveen has been associated with Staffchase from the founding day, managing operations specialising in permanent, ...

Vivek Jaiswal

AVP - Operations
Vivek has been managing operations since his joining in 2020, building and running teams. Prior ...

Shilpi Hazarika

AVP - Marketing
Shilpi is responsible for creating value for each of our clients and leading the Marketing ...

Manisha Kuril

Recruitment Manager
Manisha is a senior talent executive with 5+ years of global Full Cycle recruiting experience ...

Somnath Bhattacharya

Recruitment Manager
Somnath manages Major projects in the company including team handling, delivery and operations. Somnath comes ...

Deepesh Kalal

Recruitment Manager
Deepesh manages Major Non-IT projects in the company. He also handles a  team, delivery and operations. ...

Elvin Vincent

Recruitment Manager
Elvin manages is responsible for  IT and Non-IT projects and for the delivery of projects. ...

Riju Raman

Recruitment Manager
Riju specialized in Non-IT projects. His responsibility includes team handling, delivery and operations. Prior to ...

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