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Shilpi Hazarika

AVP - Marketing

Shilpi is responsible for creating value for each of our clients and leading the Marketing team. To accomplish this, she is focused on developing new business for Staffchase and building a strong partnership with each client.

The journey from the Genomic industry, Cosmetic industry, Saas company to RPO – has been quite interesting for Shilpi. Earlier in her career, Shilpi was a successful Customer Success Manager for a renowned Indian Job board, a Customer relationship manager in a cosmetic company, and worked for a genomic company.

Shilpi holds a Master’s degree in Biotechnology, Shilpi enjoys watching plays and movies and spending time with her family. Every year, she makes it a point to travel to other parts of the world. She is a huge fan of Chinese and Indian cuisine and loves to make attempts to cook them.