Full Cycle Recruitment

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At Staffchase, we understand the complexities of the staffing and recruitment industry. That's why we offer a holistic approach to the full-cycle recruitment process, ensuring your organization finds the right talent to drive success and growth.

Staffchase manages the whole recruiting process from start to finish, including planning, sourcing, screening, choosing, hiring, and onboarding a new employee.

Our primary goal is to eliminate the time, tension, and uncertainty associated with the recruiting process.

Experience the Staffchase with our Comprehensive Recruitment Solutions and empower your organization with the right talent to excel in the competitive world.

With our Candidate Screening Plus service, you'll benefit from:
  • Integrate your internal and Staffchase recruitment teams seamlessly.
  • 360-degree recruiting solution that integrates technology and humans
  • Deliver a consistently favourable and engaging applicant experience.

Our Process


Identifying the needed personnel characteristics and crafting the job description in such a way that the firm's beliefs and objectives are communicated clearly


Staffchase recruiters use online and offline searches to locate passive applicants; leverage social media, employee referrals, and in-house recruitment to fill positions.


We evaluate the resumes we get to ensure that they meet the job criteria and professional profile of the applicants, followed by a preliminary telephone chat with the candidates who have qualified.


Through a series of exams, our recruitment staff determines the best applicant from the selected individuals. We also do background and reference checks on applicants, leaving no stone unturned.


In this step, we specifically negotiate the wage and make the final job offer to the individuals who have been chosen.


Staffchase ensures that the new employee is a good fit for the position, that they will blend in smoothly with the other members of the company, and that the new recruit will fit into the firm's working culture.

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