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  • 1. What is an RPO? How can you contribute to our business?

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a business service where a company (Client) transfers all or part of its permanent recruitment to an external provider.

    We are a leading offshore Recruitment Company that plays a vital role in your business and helps you scale and grow your business at minimum cost.

    Offshore Recruiters who are sourcing and shortlisting resumes and making their Onshore team’s life easy. You can hire 3 Offshore Recruiters at a price of 1 Onshore.

    Benefits of using our Offshore Recruiters are…

    1. Minimum Expense, Experienced Professional
    2. Lower Infrastructure cost
    3. Better Scalability and Growth Option
    4. No Payroll Expenses
    5. No Employee Management
    6. No need to pay an extra cost

    You can hire them for a reasonable Monthly Retainer Fee. There is no long-term obligation. We can work on a Month to Month basis.

  • 2. Who uses your service?

    We work with Staffing Companies of USA, providing offshore support from Candidate sourcing and full-cycle recruitment to administrative and VMS support.

  • 3. How do you work?
    1. KYC (Know your clients) we would like to know about your requirements and expectations from us
    2. Strategy: we will strategize a plan to work on your success journey that needs to get from us
    3. Implementation: We Will find the right recruiter for you and your company from our Experienced and trained Recruiters, and will have an interview or conversation with you, if you like them then only will proceed
    4. Resume sourcing: Our recruiters would work on the project immediately first by sourcing candidates and resumes from using different technologies like job boards, social media (LinkedIn) and ATS (they will work according to your hiring policy or method if you prefer so)
    5. Candidate screening: Candidates will be screened based on the specific requirements of the candidate, it happens in two steps, first would be the qualification, skill and other requirements screen and the second one would be testing those skill sets and quality of the candidate so that only best quality candidate would reach to you -sealing the deal with screened candidates: Salary negotiation would also be done from our side (if you need)
    6. Submittal: Final candidates’ profile would be submitted to you
  • 4. Will recruiters be following your own or our process of recruitment?

    Our recruiters follow your processes if you already built a process that is successful for them, there is no need for us to reinvent it.

    But we look to add value to our client’s process if we have suggestions we think will be beneficial then we obviously will pitch you

  • 5. What staffing segment are you specialized in?

    Though our largest segment is IT, we do have a big client base from Accounting and Finance, Healthcare,  Telecom, Logistics and Insurance

  • 6. How’s your recruiter's English speaking skills?

    We have all our recruiters having a professional level of English speaking skills

  • 7. Can your recruiter use our applicant tracking system?

    Our recruiters usually work in clients’ applicant tracking systems using web access. We have a well-developed working setup for all our team members.

    We also have our own Application tracking system

  • 8. Is my data safe with you?

    Data security is a serious issue, so we maintain it very strictly too, such as confidentiality agreements with employees, security personnel, no export devices allowed on the working systems etc.

  • 9. What do I need to invest in to maintain a world-class talent function?

    Just your trust. Recruiters would be working 5 days a week, 8 hours a day only for you and will be a part of your team only.

  • 10. How can I measure success using your services?

    There are many metrics that can help you measure your success like candidates, quality of candidates, time to hire, cost per hire and hiring manager satisfaction. However, the success of your journey. If any trouble comes up in the association with us, we can change our recruitment strategy and even replace the recruiter in charge.

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