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StaffChase is a global offshore recruitment company. We combine our passion for people with cutting-edge technology and a global workforce to help you find the right personnel for your organization’s needs.

We offer a wide range of staffing services- Resume sourcing, VMS support & Lead Generation to save you precious time and money.


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Why Choose StaffChase?

  • We help you get the Right Candidate
    Count on our team to manage your most complicated hiring challenges and deliver the right candidate with the right skills.
  • Faster, Easier, and Budget-friendly
    Potential candidate on time and under price without sacrificing quality
  • 99% less In-house workload
    We build fully optimised funnel according to your need, from sourcing to onboarding, we do it all.

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    Our Basic Work Process

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    Step : 01.


    The first stage is to learn more about the Organization’s goals in order to provide accurate service. The primary objective over here is to learn about your company, your objectives, and current difficulties.
    Step : 02.


    Following the discussion, We will implement a strategic plan that aligns with your original vision and assists you in achieving your goals.
    Step : 03.


    Following that, we put together a recruiter for your needs; one with the right skills and experience to help you scale.
    Step : 04.


    Once we've chosen the best recruiter for your firm, our highly qualified executives will use cutting-edge technology and an internal database for sourcing
    Step : 05.


    The screening process is divided into three steps: compliance check, technical evaluation, and role specific interview. Once completed, our staff will present you with a completely screened applicant.
    Step : 06.

    Quality Assurance

    Here, resumes and candidates are reviewed and tested; a Lead Project Manager assigned to each account ensures a quality resume and a quality candidate. Because we believe in, People first, profit later.
    Step : 07.


    Recruiter will negotiate the best deal possible for both the candidate and the client.
    Step : 08.


    Candidates who have been thoroughly screened and engaged will then be forwarded to the company's designated point of contact.

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